Edutainment© Product Line

GPS-Solutions will offer an entertainment version of the data collection software by allowing parents and students to collect sports data via a cell phone or other handheld devices. Once the data is collected, the parent can upload the data to the GPS-Solutions website where it will be stored in a personal library. The students can download it into a gaming console such as X-Box, PS3, WII, etc., thus giving their legend players additional points and allowing them to become faster, stronger, and more agile.

The educational mission is to improve the learning ability of students while playing video games. Edutainment includes an educational component that interfaces with some of the most popular video games currently on the market such as; Madden, MLB and NBA Live. GPS-Solutions will collaborate with EA Sports to develop entry- level video games such as; Pop Warner Football, Little League Baseball, AAU Basketball, Amateur Go-Cart racing (NASCAR), high school sports and the like. During the development of the games, GPS-Solutions will interface with educational components that challenge basic reading comprehension. The educational components also have parental controls.