First Alert Sports Tracker (FAST)


Athletes suffer from strokes, heart attacks, dehydration, and heat stroke. These Sports related injuries in youth and adult athletes have proven to be fatal in some cases.

GPS-Sport’s answer to decreasing and preventing these types of injures and fatalities is the…


The First Alert Sports Tracker (FAST) uses five sensors to monitor heart rate, hydration, and body temperature. This innovative telemetry system is designed to provide coaches, trainers, EMT, and parents with real-time health information of an athlete. The FAST system can also be used to monitor an athlete’s health in any given state (rest, warm-up, or peak). This product can also be used to monitor and evaluate performance.

Other Ancillary uses include:

  • Military
  • Stress Monitoring
  • Emergency Response

The innovation of the FAST product is designed to create stringent safety standards at all levels of sports. Providing the right information to the right personnel will shorten time athletes and others will receive proper medical attention. In addition to decreasing injuries, this product was designed to ultimately save lives.