Gridiron Statware™

The Gridiron Statware™ is software designed to collect player data that is generated around the movement of a football during a game. The software is used on a laptop or handheld PC. Once the software is loaded, the end user will collect data by observing each play and record each event as the ball moves forward or backward. For example, player # 69 hikes the ball to player # 12; player # 12 then gives the ball to player # 28 who runs the ball 4 yards for a positive gain. The information that would be captured during that single event would be as follows:

  • Player # 69 is credited for 1 snap
  • Player # 12 is credited for 1 hand-off
  • Player # 28 is credited for a 4-yard gain

Once the data has been collected, it is then stored in a SQL database to be viewed for future use. Example, if the end user views a report from the above mentioned event, he or she would see the following:

  • How many times the center (Player # 69) snapped the ball during this game or expand the data range or game range to determine how many times the center has snapped the ball during that time frame.
  • How many times the quarterback (Player # 12) has handed the ball off to player # 28 or any other eligible player.
  • How many hand-offs the running back (Player # 28) has received the ball or how many positive or negative rushing yards he has during this game or during any other game.

Each sport software application will record, collect, and analyze data very similar to the above example of play. All software is compatible with IBM, or MAC using Windows 2000 or greater.

Example of the Gridiron Statware™ and a report from a single event.

The following applications will accompany the Gridiron Statware™:

  • Gridiron Scoutware™ (Football)
  • Basketball application
  • Baseball application (Diamond ware™)
  • Softball application
  • Soccer application
  • Hockey application
  • Track application